What are Values?
What are yours and why is it important that you have them within the company?

Values Seminar

Our values guide all of our actions either consciously or unconsciously, sometimes they are ‘out of date’, conflict with our desires or we only have one method of fulfilling them. Just as our personal values drive our behaviour, company values drive the activities of an organisation, key decisions and the behaviours of the employees. Companies with strong and clear values that they hold with conviction perform better.

The most effective core values tell the world what your company believes in, they help align your organisation’s priorities, and guide. current and future activities. An organisation’s values can lure top talent and increase employee engagement and employing people with shared values decreases the needs to tightly manage and motivate.

This seminar covers why this is important, how to decide on your company values and gives tips on how to ensure they are embedded within the organisation.

This seminar demonstrates how to put values to use to make sure employees know and understand them. When your core values inspire and guide how your team behaves, there are lots of benefits for employees and your organisation.

Length of Time 2 hours
Designed for up to 30 people

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Kate Willsher
COO at IfM Education and Consultancy, Department of Manufacturing, University is Cambridge.
Winner of Women in Leadership Awards

I found the sessions really quite transformational. I worked with Becky on a couple of goals and found that structured and regular sessions helped me articulate my commitment, use my resources and move towards achieving what I wanted.

My first goal – to do 5-10 minutes of Pilates daily, was something I have now been doing successfully for over three months and has helped both physically and mentally.

The work I did with Becky on family relationships was more challenging but I think the work we did with NLP perspectives principals has helped unblock preconceptions I had of relationships being fixed and broken, rather than dynamic and therefore able to change.

Becky also shared some coaching principals, which are useful in my work as well as with my family!

I am grateful for the better understanding of the coaching process and Becky’s work to help me articulate and work towards achieving objectives. It has helped me feel stronger, more capable and calmer.

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