Reap the benefits of this investment in your team

DISC Personality Profiles

These are questionnaires sent directly to each team member from which a 12 page report is produced which gives detail of the communication style of each person in relation to being at work in different situations, eg under normal conditions or under stress for example. These can then be related to how that individual communicates and works with others.

The benefits of this investment in your team will be; better understanding of individual personalities as well as your own style, more efficient communication between team members, increased understanding of different types of personalities and types of working, increased cohesion and ultimately a happier more productive team.

  • Each member of the team will receive a personalised DISC report
  • There will be an over view of the team as a whole
  • An analysis of how you work and relate together
  • Explanation’s of challenges for the team
  • Suggested areas for development

However please read through the accompanying notes for a more detailed explanation.

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Dr Alex Davidson
GP, Functional Medicine Practitioner & Chief Medical Officer.

I recently worked with Becky on her excellent ‘Get control of your food’ course. Her passion for coaching others to success is clearly palpable and she offers a relaxed, open and friendly approach. Her expertise in food addiction has created this transformational course and I look forward very much to supporting her in future collaborations!

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