What is ‘coaching’ and how can you easily adopt the process and tools into your culture?

Introduction to Peer Coaching Seminar

With coaching now being one of the fastest growing industries there is no shortage of evidence to demonstrate the effectiveness of the process.

But what is ‘coaching’ and how can you easily adopt the process and tools into your culture to:

  • facilitate better communication
  • set clearer outcomes
  • promote better understanding
  • increase self awareness
  • increase important leadership skills like emotional intelligence
  • encourage non judgemental interactions within work relationships

Designed to introduce these ideas and demonstrate to attendees how to use a coaching approach, with guided questions and hands on practice.

Length of Time 2 hours
Designed for up to 20 people

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Babita Devi
Strategic Limited Sutton Management Centre

Since working with Becky, I have experienced shifts on multiple levels – both in my work and personal life. Becky has a unique ability in uncovering blocks and reframing, which has not only helped me step into what I truly desire, but also has uncovered beliefs and thoughts that were holding me back – affecting many area’s of my life. Becky is probably the most humble person I have met when it comes to her abilities. I would highly recommend her if you need help with anything that is blocking you from reaching your potential and living a life of happiness.

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