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Team Personal Performance Development Coaching

Becky works with CEOs and their Managers to develop deep self awareness and emotional skills so that they are best equipped to weather business and life storms and stay on peak. 

Emotional skills and agility are key to adapting and navigating in todays ever changing world. Never before has Charles Darwins idea been more prevalent in the economic world. It is not survival of the fittest companies but survival of the most adaptable, the leaders with the most developed emotional skills, emotional awareness, flexibility and range. 

Leaders need a strong internal compass, the ability to keep themselves afloat and the emotional skills to not just weather the storms but create new routes and ways of thriving. Becky coaches and trains just this. Over her years of studying psychology, coaching, business, human resources, neuroscience and NLP, running her own businesses and overcoming major life challenges Becky has seen evidence that it’s an intuitive well balanced mix of both coaching and teaching that can do this. An individual first needs to know what tools they have, what unconscious beliefs they hold, what their values and boundaries are (deep self awareness) to then know what they need to learn or practice. 

Becky can have a conversation with you today to help identify how you and your teams can perform and manage better tomorrow. Some managers during challenging times will find themselves overwhelmed to a point where they can’t perform. Furthermore during periods of adjustment, change, uncertainty such as during the Covid-19 crisis there are huge drains on resilience, ability to focus, to bounce back, to make considered appropriate decisions and to lead. Presenteeism increases as minds and attention are ambushed by ”what-if’s’. For many the ability to switch effortlessly into a calm focused state is underdeveloped, sadly we are not taught this in school alongside Pythagorus’ rule. With Becky’s unique style of coaching and set of well chosen, effective tools can help leaders and managers to work out what they personally need to change and then receive guided learning and tools on how to do it.

For you and your team, Becky provides flexible online 60 minute sessions each week to get some quick simple strategies. She will help identify where you and your teams are currently operating from in terms of stress and efficiency, where would be the most impactful to focus our work and what the easy wins might be to get you moving back in the right direction. Becky will give efficient and applicable tools to use to; facilitate, support, enlighten and guide emotional skills,  relationships, vision, outcomes and efficiency of the team.

If you are interested in a complimentary discovery coaching session to find out what it’s like working with Becky, please get in touch.

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Katie Keeble
Dance & Art Teacher

Todays session was absolutely brilliant- I’ve been thinking about it all day. Something so special working with you how things that need processing come to the surface and have the space to be seen and heard in such a gentle way.

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